Precast Products Overview


G-Cast Precast Concrete applies an innovative and advance building system that meets the current construction industry’s standard. It offers standard to custom precast concrete applications with the support of its experienced technical team.

With its technology and experienced technical team, we support our customers through fast construction, low labor cost, effective pricing and design flexibility. Our products are proven and certified by the Malaysian government and applicable to various projects such as residential, commercial and standard JKR buildings.

Special Design Precast Concrete Products:

  • Ecomodule Stormtrap System
  • Retaining Walls
  • Prestressed member
  • Catch Basin
  • Railway Sleepers
  • Arch Culvert
  • Pit Valve
  • Cross Beams
  • Gross Pollutant Traps
  • Pipe Rack
  • Concrete Sheet Pile
  • Holcon Slabs
  • Precast Light Weight Concrete
  • Precast Ultra High Performance Concrete
  • Precast Polymer Concrete Pipes and Drain