Jacking Pipes Cast-in Anti-Slide Steel Collar

G-Cast concrete jacking pipes with cast-in ANTI-SLIDE steel collar are innovatively designed in view to enhance the overall performance of the jacking pipes with a significantly improved joint design.

Normal cast-in steel collars for concrete jacking pipes are made of flat steel plate with welded anchorage bars for means of anchorage into concrete. The specially designed G-Cast ANTI-SLIDE steel collars are however made of steel plates that are not just flat but come with two all-round preformed groove lines. These additional groove lines give the steel collar a better rigidity, an additional means of positive bonding, anchorage and locking into concrete and also it helps to prevent collar from sliding off the concrete during jacking operation.


  • G-Cast Concrete jacking pipes with ANTI-SLIDE steel collars are designed and manufactured to British Standard BS 5911:Part 1 or equivalent.
  • Joint type : Water-tight flexible joint type with rubber seal. Cast-in collar is made of mild steel or stainless steel. Natural rubber seal is use. EDPM type is available on request
  • Concrete grade : characteristic strength 50 N/mm2
  • Grouting ports : Bentonite injection/grouting ports are provided for pipes of diameter 900mm pipes and above.
  • The design for G-Cast Concrete pipes with ANTI-SLIDE steel collars is patent pending and carries industrial design with registration numbers : MY13-E0121-0101 & MY13-E0122-0101

Diameter Range 300 - 1800mm

jp anti slide specs

Strength Class Z, 1.5Z, 2Z; H, 1.5H, 2.0H

jp anti slide collar table


  • Non-standard pipes can be designed and manufactured to meet specific project requirements eg. non-standard pipe outside diameter, special strength class. 
  • Pipes can be manufactured using PFA cement/ Mascrete cement or OPC. 
  • Pipe internal lining : high alumina cement mortar/ HAC, HDPE lining, sacrificial lining or epoxy coating. 
  • Pipe external lining : sacrificial lining or epoxy coating. 
  • In view of continual improvement we reserve the right to alter the specifications contained in this catalog without prior notice.