G-Cast Precast Concrete Socket Joint Pipes

G-Cast produces a comprehensive range of precast reinforced concrete pipes with spigot & socket joint to meet the market demand and requirements. Pipes are manufactured to Malaysian Standard M.S. 881:Part 1, by spinning process.

Special pipes can be designed and manufactured to suit individual project requirements. Pipes can be manufactured using PFA cement, OPC or Sulphate Resistance Portland Cement / SRPC. Pipes Internal Lining : High alumina cement / HAC lining, HDPE lining, PVC lining, SACRIFICIAL lining, EPOXY coating. Pipes External Lining : SACRIFICIAL lining, EPOXY coating.

G-Cast spigot & socket joint pipe culverts come with sliding rubber O-Ring are designed and manufactured as flexible joint pipes.

Used for sewage or storm water conveyance. The joints are designed to provide resistance to infiltration of ground water and/or backfill material, and resistance to exfiltration of sewage or storm water.

Flexible joint pipes are also used when settlement of laid pipes are expected such as pipes laid with high backfill, pipes laid in newly filled land or whereby pipes laid over compressible underlying ground.

Pipe Jointing

sjp diagram
sjp crushing test load

Diameter Range 300 - 1800mm

sjp specs

Strength Class S, X, Y, Z, Z-PLUS (1.5Z, 2Z, ETC); L, M, H, H-PLUS (1.5H, 2H, ETC)

sjp specs table