G-Cast Precast Concrete Manhole System


G-Cast precast concrete manhole systems offer you all the advantages of precast construction for manholes through combining precast components with pipe shafts manufactured by the unique G-Cast process.


  • Savings in cost of construction
  • High quality (factory made) units
  • Efficient installation, savings in time and labour
  • No formwork required
  • Heights can be easily changed without damaging segments


  • Special sizes for manholes can be manufactured based on contractors’ requirements.
  • All components are lining with either High Alumina Cement or 2 layers Coal Tar Epoxy.

Diameter Range 1200mm - 1800mm

NOTES: All chamber rings c/w 20mm high alumina cement (HAC) lining or 2 layers coal tar epoxy lining as required by SPAN. Other components c/w 2 layers coal tar epoxy lining.

manhole specs diagram
manhole specs table 1

Dimension Manhole System

manhole dimension 1
manhole dimension 2
manhole dimension 3
manhole dimension 4
manhole dimension 5
manhole dimension 6